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a game in which you need to pass in a Ford car

The idea of ​​Ford has already been implemented, and in the quest in the car you can already play on the new electric Mustangs Mach-E. The concept is interesting and may appeal not only to drivers. How exactly does the quest room work in the Ford Mustang Mach-E?

Unfortunately, so far only in one specific model – the electric Mustang Mach-E. And although the idea of ​​launching a game on the screen of a car is not innovative, Ford decided to present a completely different version of the quest, which involves interacting with a car to deliver a special package.

The game is not installed by default in the car’s computer memory. To run it, you need to download the appropriate application for your iOS smartphone.

After connecting the phone to the car via Apple AirPlay, you can start the game. The system will tell you what you need to do to move on to the next step, and check if it was completed correctly.

Each subsequent step of the driver will be checked by the car (by listening to the pronunciation or using certain functions of the car).

Ford’s idea is mainly educational. Any tasks that the car puts in order to receive the next in-game hints are directly related to the functionality of the car. This means that the driver will be able to familiarize himself with all the functions that the car offers in a very accessible way.

Ford believes in-car games are designed to teach drivers (including future drivers) how to use the car and navigate the roads safely. In addition, they allow you to have a good time, for example, while charging.

In addition, the game constantly monitors the driver’s behavior on the road during the game, thus violating all speed limits, etc. will be immediately noticed and the driver will hear the corresponding message.