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A yacht for billionaires – you can play tennis on board!

This is the first such yacht in the world! It can carry helicopters, planes, cars and even other small yachts. The Super Servant 3 has an outdoor pool, a cinema and a tennis court. It will cost a fortune!

It looks like a huge luxury hotel with an attached car park. The new superyacht was built by the Turkish shipyard Karmarine and took three years to build.

Designed by engineer Timur Bozhets, the luxurious giant was created on the basis of a 1982 Japanese ship, whose task was to transport, for example, huge cargoes to oil rigs. Its unique feature was the ability to partially submerge under water. After the flooding of the ballast tanks, the ship produced a terrifying impression that it was sinking – only the bow with the superstructure was visible above the surface.

Such a clever solution allowed other ships to float above the wreck, and when the ship emptied the ballast and resurfaced, they were on board. This ability made it possible to transport gigantic loads along the way that could not be lifted by a crane. The vessel easily took on board other, smaller yachts and safely crossed the ocean with them.

Yacht designer Timur Bozka realized that such a design provides great opportunities for creating something unique for billionaires, and on the cargo deck he designed something like a huge parking lot. Cars can enter it on a special, lowered ramp.

But that’s not all – Super Servant 3 is equipped with a crane capable of lifting up to 40 tons of cargo. In addition, he has a vertical windmill that will act as a small power plant in the ocean. After the reconstruction, the yacht also retained the unusual feature of its predecessor and is able to partially submerge under water, i.e. can take on board other, smaller yachts.

The designer made sure that the equipment of the Super Servant 3 resembled a floating luxury hotel. On board there is a jacuzzi, a swimming pool, a cinema, a tennis court, a botanical garden and four aquariums. The new billionaire yacht offers luxury suites with 360-degree panoramic ocean views. The yacht also has cabins for 20 people, if the owner wants to take some of his friends on a cruise.