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China announces very ambitious space exploration plan

China is demonstrating ever more ambitious plans related to space exploration. The Celestial Empire has unveiled a 5-year action plan, the ultimate goal of which is the Moon. In preparation is, among other things, a new generation spacecraft that will allow transporting people.

In recent years, China has shown that it takes space exploration seriously. Now the Celestial Empire has outlined a 5-year plan for further space activities, including the Moon, on which the Chinese plan to build a station in the near future.

The plan, drawn up by the Chinese, is to strengthen the space infrastructure and create a next-generation spacecraft that will allow manned flights.

Last year, the Chinese launched the first module of a new space station called Tianhe into orbit. Now there is a second manned mission, which will be a record for Chinese astronauts in duration. They will spend six months there. The previous mission lasted three months.

Interestingly, the Chinese are also considering exploring other planets in the solar system.