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Created a nose mask for safe eating during a pandemic

At times it feels like we’ve seen every conceivable type of mask that has ever been invented, as a special mask appears that only covers the nose for safe eating during a pandemic. The novelty met with an exceptionally large wave of criticism, although it is through this part of the body that the coronavirus is most easily infected.

In South Korea, a novelty has appeared that breaks stereotypes, that is, a mask that covers only the nose. It should be used while eating or drinking, when the mouth, of course, should not be covered.

The new mask was named “kosk” as a combination of two words: “ko” meaning “nose” in Korean and “mask” meaning “mask” in English. A box of 10 pieces can be bought online for about 600 rubles.

An exceptionally large wave of criticism fell upon the novelty. Although the nose is the easiest way to get coronavirus, if you open your mouth, the risk of infection, according to doctors, is likely to be similar. Wearing such a mask would make little difference.