Honolulu police use a robot to check the temperature of the homeless

Body temperature control is extremely important in the era of the COVID-19 epidemic. But what about people who don’t have access to medical devices because they’re homeless, for example? Boston Dynamics robots can solve this problem.

The Hawaiian police came up with the unusual idea of ​​using the famous robotic dog of the American company Boston Dynamics to help the homeless take body temperature. If a fever is detected, the robot will immediately notify the medical services that are interested in the sick. The decision is aimed at ensuring the health of police officers, as well as limiting the possible quarantine in case of contact with an infected person.

Using a robot also makes sense from a financial standpoint. Officer Mike Lambert makes it clear that although the cost of purchasing the robot was high (devices of this kind cost in the range of $150,000), it will still pay for itself in as little as 90 days. Any intervention by the police requires not only the provision of the necessary equipment and mode of transport, but also consumes a large part of the budget due to the payment of wages and covering the subsequent possible quarantine.