Opera has released a special Crypto Browser for working with cryptocurrencies

Opera Crypto Browser

Opera did not make the mistakes of competitors and, in an effort to take its share in the cryptocurrency market, released a separate tool – the Crypto Browser browser. It is distributed separately from other Opera browsers and is intended for those who want to master the “Internet on the Blockchain”, a Web3 decentralized web technology. The company emphasized that they deliberately left plug-ins and extensions in order to make the service as independent as possible.

Crypto Browser is built on two principles. Firstly, it is not connected with other systems and transmits all data related to working with cryptocurrencies only in encrypted form via Web3. Here, even the clipboard has a copy-paste data protection function. Second, Opera has partnered with the Ethereum, Bitcoin, Celo, and Nervos networks to create a universal wallet, an interface for fast and secure connection to any blockchain cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Browser provides access to cryptocurrency/NFT exchanges, has support for decentralized applications (dApps), and provides access to the GameFi “game metaverse” service. There are also tools for mastering Web3, and soon there will be support for the Ethereum Layer 2 standard. It is fast and energy efficient, which should smooth out the negative users who accuse businesses of indulging miners. Mining a huge number of cryptocurrencies leads to a colossal consumption of energy on the planet and catastrophically affects it biosphere.