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Rating of the TOP 10 best MFIs for online loans on a card in 2022

Microcredit loans are the fastest growing financial category and have been increasing by about 15% per year over the last 5 years. This is due to the growth of online MFIs, which give easy access to profitable loans of money to a bank card. Many see them as an alternative to credit cards because microloans do not require a credit check and do not require guarantors.

The money received from a trusted MFI can be spent on any expenses: from home repairs to the cost of buying a car. The interest rate on a loan for a new client is 0%, and the maximum loan term is 24 weeks.

When compiling the list of the best MFIs, reliable organizations with positive customer reviews in 2022 were selected. Key factors were also considered, such as interest rates, commissions, loan amounts, repayment periods and the speed of obtaining a cash loan.

Rocket Money - online loans on the card

Rocket Money deals with online express loans and offers interest-free loans for new MFI clients. Money can be spent for any purpose (buying a car, repairs, medical services, weddings), and the transfer time to the card takes no more than 5 minutes. The online service approves about 95% of applications for the issuance of funds and gives discounts for re-applying to the MFI.

If you submit an application on the site on a business day, the funds will be credited to your account on the same day. Rocket Money pays up to 80,000 rubles. and does not impose penalties for early repayment of debt. Interest rates differ depending on the size of the loan and its terms. The annual rate is fixed, so your payments will remain the same throughout the life of the loan.

After the application is approved, the money will be transferred to a bank account, card (Visa, MIR, MasterCard) or in cash through the Contact payment system. All data on an online loan is stored in your personal account, download the application to your smartphone so as not to miss a payment. This is the tenth place in the selection of Russian MFIs with a good reputation.

OneClickMoney - online card loans, microloans and express loans

Traditional express payday loans require high interest rates. In Moscow, one of the most expensive tariffs is about 591% per annum. In OneClickMoney, the interest rate is lower if you strictly follow the rules of the contract. You can borrow up to 30,000 rubles for 6 or more days. Only 7 minutes to consider the application and the money will be on the bank card.

A quick online loan does not require collateral or guarantors; you can instantly receive money by filling out a form on the website or through a mobile application. OneClickMoney has no hidden registration fees, additional fees or overpayments. If the borrower is in arrears, the increased debt will need to be repaid.

If a loan from OneClickMoney is approved, then the money will come in 15-20 minutes to a Visa, MasterCard, MIR bank card, QIWI wallet, Yandex money and the Contact system. Online money borrowed from MFIs with a small percentage is available for different social groups of citizens (pensioners, students, unemployed).

Joymoney - urgent online loans: take a microloan via the Internet

Joymoney offers a simple process for applying for money that does not require references, collateral or guarantors. To participate in the program, you will need passport data and a bank card. If you do not have time to repay the loan on time, you can extend it for 14 days and avoid default on payment on time.

If you are ready to fulfill all the requirements on time, then Joymoney can become an ideal lender. The MFI offers online loans without verification for up to 70,000 rubles, which will be credited to the account in a few minutes. Longer terms charge higher interest but offer lower monthly payments.

Are you a responsible borrower but don’t have a credit history to prove it? Joymoney is the best MFI for an online loan on a card. Make sure you take into account the commission for sending via Qiwi terminals or bank transfer. Funding in Joymoney takes up to 6 months, which is much longer than in other MFIs in Russia.

Ezaem - apply for a loan online in 15 minutes, without certificates, guarantors and collateral

Ezaem offers excellent rates ranging from 0% to 2.0% per day (as of 2022) for personal purchases of a car or apartment. Money from the MFI is transferred instantly to the card without checking the credit history, just send your photo with your passport. All interest is paid at a time together with the return of the funds provided.

Ezaem offer one of the best loans in Russia, the main disadvantage is the low loan amount (maximum 30,000 rubles). You can urgently receive money in just 15 minutes without refusal and other checks. This makes MFI Ezaem the best option for those who want to take a loan without the collateral of the title and guarantors.

The rate for the first loan does not depend on the purpose of the loan, amount, term and your credit history. In case of non-return of the amount of money, a penalty of 0.1% daily will be charged. If you take 15,000 rubles with a second microloan, then after 30 days you will have to return the amount by 5,850 rubles more.

Excellent Cash - online microloan on the card, urgent cash microloan

The amount of loan payments depends on the amount of cash that can be received on a Sberbank or Alfa-Bank card. In MFI “Excellent Cash” at the tariff “Before payday” you can take money for 3 or 30 days. Before that, you need to check the agreement on an urgent loan and find out how much money you need to return at the end of the term.

It is worth noting that Excellent Cash has a special preferential rate for pensioners, and for regular customers, you can get a loan card to receive urgent money on a call. With the money received, you can buy groceries in the store, household appliances, a smartphone, or pay off a previous loan.

For more than 8 years, 91% of satisfied borrowers throughout Russia have been returning to MFIs for more than 8 years. The organization’s offices are located in major cities of the country: Irkutsk, Moscow, Vladivostok, Magadan and Surgut. “Excellent Cash” is in the TOP-10 rating due to the recommendations of other clients.

Quick money - cash loans, online microloans

Try borrowing money from Fast Money MFI, which you can spend on debt consolidation, apartment renovation, wedding or vacation. Despite the absence of a commission for issuing a microloan, Bystrodengi charges a late payment fee of 0.1% per day if you fail to repay the Express card loan on time.

The MFI offers a fixed rate of 0.5% to 1% per day, depending on the loan amount and repayment period. After the application is approved, you need to link a bank card so that Quick Money sends funds to the account. You will be able to get money if you are between 18 and 70 years old, have a permanent income and citizenship of the Russian Federation.

An instant loan without hidden fees and overpayments is a good opportunity to pay off past debts or cover expenses until the next paycheck. Fast money got to 5th place in the list of MFIs where it is best to take loans online in 2022.

eKapusta - online loan in 10 minutes in Moscow MFI

If you are wondering which MFI is best for card loans, then eKapusta will be a good choice. They offer 30,000 rubles for a period of 3 weeks with a low interest rate. An online application from a mobile phone or computer is filled out in just 5 minutes, after which an instant decision is made automatically.

eKapust does not have many worthy competitors in the ranking of the best MFIs with positive reviews. They are as transparent as possible regarding the terms of lending to clients from the age of 18. Pay off your consumer loan on time to get money back on your card without refusals. Before you apply, we recommend that you carefully consider whether refinancing your existing debt is the right choice.

By extending the term of the loan, you can pay more interest during the term of the loan. By understanding how consolidating your debt will benefit, you can better determine if quick cash is right for you. eKapusta ranks 4th in the ranking of the best MFIs for online card loans in 2022.

CreditPlus - online loans, apply for an urgent loan online throughout Russia

We recommend CreditPlus to most consumers who want to get an urgent loan agreement online without refusal of a card or bank account and without operator calls. MFIs do not have the lowest rates on consumer loans, but they are ideal for clients over 18 with 24/7 support on weekdays and weekends.

Stuck in an endless cycle of payday credit cards, then CreditPlus can help you avoid problems. A loan from a good CreditPlus MFI will help pay off past loans and allow time for slow debt repayment. Multiple loans per card with high interest rates is a sure way to get yourself into a financial hole.

A microfinance company gives a loan of up to 100,000 rubles already at the first application for a period of up to 1 year. If you are not interested in working with an MFI that provides money to people without a credit history (CI), you can contact the bank and get a credit card.

MoneyMan - urgent loans online at 0% for new clients

MoneyMan is the leader among Russian MFIs in 2022. They offer good loans up to 80,000 rubles, and the first loan is without interest and overpayments. You can get a short-term loan in cash, to a bank account or card at 0% for up to 15 days. For up to 18 weeks, the rate varies from 0.8% to 1.5% per day.

MoneyMan offers to repay the debt using a Visa, MasterCard, QIWI electronic wallet, in cash through terminals or through the MTS mobile operator. Set automatic payment every 2 weeks or pay online to avoid overpayments. A microloan from the popular MFI MoneyMan will help you achieve your financial goals.

Unlike a credit card, installment loans don’t allow you to reschedule your repayment date indefinitely, but instead set a fixed repayment schedule. If your car breaks down, you need money for a new phone, or you need to pay for utilities, urgent money from an MFI is the best option.

User Choice

Turboloan - online loans without failures - urgent instant loans

If you have a bad credit history (CI), there is good news: you can quickly get a loan on a card at an MFI. Microfinance organization Turboloan offers low interest rates to citizens of the Russian Federation aged 21 to 65 years without additional information. Turboloan has established itself as a reliable online loan service that serves all customers around the clock.

The MFI offers extremely competitive bank card loans from 3,000 to 50,000 rubles. They have the best rates among MFIs in the selection of fixed low interest rates. You will not pay a commission for issuing a loan, and repayment terms will be flexible – up to 45 days. If approved, the rate will range from 0 to 1.5% per day.

You don’t have to have a good history to get payday debt to pay off a bank loan. An online application at the Turbo Loan MFI is processed in just a few minutes, after which you will instantly receive a loan on a card or Qiwi wallet (even pensioners and unemployed citizens receive approval).