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Scientists have developed a radar with a sensitivity of up to several millimeters

Scientists at the University of Sydney have made a technological breakthrough by creating a completely new type of radar. Photon radar, because we are talking about it, is able to determine the position of objects up to several millimeters in size, which greatly expands the scope of its application.

The Advanced Photon Radar is a device created by scientists at the University of Sydney that appeared in the scientific journal Laser & Photonics Reviews. The new ultra-high-resolution device is so sensitive that it can determine the position of an object, as well as its speed and / or angle in millimeters, and not in meters, as is the case with classic radars.

This opens up completely new possibilities for action. Instead of detecting vehicles, including aircraft around airports or cars on battlefields, for example, the new photonic radar can, among other things, detect changes in the position of the chest during breathing, without the need to attach additional devices to the patient. The new invention may be useful, among other things, for the prevention of sleep apnea in newborns or in patients with hypersensitivity of the skin.

The scientists said once an improved prototype is developed, it can be miniaturized on a photonic chip that is small enough to be integrated even into a mobile phone.