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The first such discovery in history is a drifting black hole in the Milky Way.

The Milky Way is full of black holes. Astronomers have managed to make a new discovery related to these objects, which has not been observed before. It’s a black hole drifting through our galaxy. It is located more than 5 thousand light years from Earth.

A team of astronomers from around the world have discovered the first black hole drifting through the galaxy. It is the first such object found in the Milky Way and is estimated to be about 5,200 light-years from Earth.

For comparison, the radius of our galaxy is less than 53 thousand light years. So it’s not too far.

The found object was named MOA-11-191 / OGLE-11-0462 and showed some features that disqualified it as a neutron star or white dwarf. Most of all, it looks like a black hole. Measurements have shown that the mass is about 7.1 solar masses, and the event horizon has a diameter of 42 km.

The scientists were also able to calculate the drift speed of this object through the Milky Way. The black hole flies 45 km per sec. Thus, the speed is 162 thousand km / h.