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TOP 10 best banks in Russia in terms of reliability – Rating 2022

Every resident of Russia dreams of keeping and multiplying his money in a safe place, it’s better than they lie under the mattress. If you are looking for a new bank with a good rating and high interest rates on deposits, there is a large selection of financial institutions on the market. Large Russian banks do not pay high interest to savings account holders, charge high overdrafts and monthly maintenance fees.

The TOP 10 best banks in terms of reliability included options based on the number of branches in the country, the size of the commission, financial products, customer service quality and interest rate. They offer free cash settlement services for small businesses, low cash withdrawal fees, and convenient mobile apps for smartphones.

Online banking is the main way to manage accounts for many people. In it, you can pay fines, transfer money without commission and open savings accounts. In order not to pay banks for services, you need to replenish a debit card for a minimum balance. Reliable credit cards offer customers money up to several million per month.

Vostochny Bank - loans, deposits, banking services for legal entities and individuals

With an Eastern Bank credit card, holders receive up to 300,000 rubles with a grace period of 90 days (3 months) for all purchases. If you additionally want to receive cashback, you should apply for a Vostorg card and receive a refund of up to 40% from purchases on the Internet. This is one of the few cards that charges for issuance, but the annual service is free.

If you are a client of the Eastern Bank, you can additionally issue cards for the whole family with reliable payment systems: Visa, MIR and UnionPay. To obtain a card, persons over 26 years of age need only present a passport. Cashback for nuclear power plants, taxis, food delivery, movies and books reaches 10%. You will receive 5% on the bill for car washes, cafes, bars, housing and communal services and restaurants.

Vostochny Bank allows you to deposit funds without commission to your account in cash through an ATM or through partners (Qiwi, Zolotaya Korona, Rapida). The Installment for Everything credit card takes 28% of all transactions, which is one of the highest fees in 2022, which is why it only made it to 10th place in the TOP 10 ranking.

Home Credit Bank - installment goods, deposits, loans

The Svoboda credit card from Home Credit Bank is the best solution for those who want to buy in installments up to 12 months in 60,000 stores throughout Russia or a 50-day grace period outside the partner network. The interest rate upon fulfilling the conditions on the card will be 0% per annum. Popular categories for credit card users are sports goods, jewelry, furniture, apparel, travel, and electronics.

If you apply for a Visa card on the website of a reliable Home Credit bank, you can pay for purchases using Samsung Pay, Google Pay and Apple Pay services, and the courier will deliver it to your home the next day for free. For example, you bought a smartphone for 30,000 rubles in installments for six months. You need to pay only 5000 per month. No hidden payments to the bank or online store.

Home Credit allows you to deposit funds into your account in cash through ATMs or online banking. If you do not have time to pay off the debt on time, you can connect the Freedom + program, which will extend the installment period by 10 months. Home Credit is a good reliable bank in Russia today if you make purchases in Yandex.Food, Lamoda, Leroy Merlin, Citylink or Letual online stores in 2022.

UBRD - installment goods, deposits, loans

The Russian bank, founded in 1990, continues to grow its client base and trust among the country’s residents every year. The bank has an impressive list of offerings from credit cards to corporate and investment banking and wealth management.

One of the best offers from UBRD is a savings account, which today offers up to 7.1% per annum in rubles. They have all the traditional banking features: credit cards without commission, profitable cash loans in a few hours, reliable deposits with the highest interest rates in Russia, mortgages, insurance and money transfers abroad.

The credit card of the Ural Bank gives the user 240 days without interest if he repays the debt on time. The limit for working citizens and pensioners is from 30 to 300 thousand rubles. with free release and home delivery. The Bank for Reconstruction and Development is in the TOP-10 in terms of consumer lending to the population according to customer reviews in 2022.

UniCredit Bank is No. 1 in reliability in Russia according to Forbes, banking services for private clients

UniCredit is an excellent choice for those who have a lot of savings, want to take out a loan or a credit card. The bank offers bonuses for opening accounts and convenient services (consumer credit online, mobile banking, money on a card for business). If you want to get a debit card with a 10% cashback, you need to apply on the website.

The best bank in terms of assets in 2022 issues loans for the purchase of cars (domestic, foreign cars) and mortgages for the purchase of an apartment in a new building. UniCredit clients get access to online banking, a large network of ATMs throughout Russia, fast transfers to other banks and 24/7 customer service.

To avoid paying monthly account maintenance fees, you need to make purchases for 10,000 rubles. per month. Do not forget to cover the overdraft on time so as not to overpay for financial services. Interest on deposits in UniCredit Bank according to the Central Bank is up to 7.8% per annum. The exchange rates at the bank are better than those of most competitors.

Opening - deposits, credit and debit cards, cash loans, refinancing, mortgage lending and other services for private clients and businesses

Otkritie has one of the highest ratings according to the Central Bank in the list of Russian banks in terms of reliability. It is one of the best lenders in the country, both in terms of actual financing and in terms of the number of loans. The bank has an extensive history in the field of working with business and offers to issue settlement accounts (CSC) for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

This will give users complete control over their finances. Depending on the tariff, the terms of use may vary. For a new client, a tariff with free service and no commission for cash withdrawals is suitable. The holder receives up to 11% cashback on the categories of gas stations, transport, cafes, restaurants, hotels and pharmacies.

In total, you can choose between three different offers, each designed for different needs. You can manage your bank accounts using Internet banking on a computer or a mobile application on a smartphone with Android or iOS. Otkritie took 7th place in the ranking of the best banks in terms of reliability in 2022.

Sovcombank — credit and debit cards, loans for businesses and individuals

If you need to open a simple current account linked to a debit card for everyday purchases, then contact Sovcombank. On the Halva card, the owner receives up to 7% per annum, cashback for all purchases up to 6% and money in installments up to 18 months without interest. A bank courier will deliver a plastic card at any convenient time.

Sovcombank is included in the list of TOP-10 largest banks in terms of reliability with high interest rates on deposits for a period of 1 month to 3 years. The state-owned bank offers clients a range of useful services for property insurance, mortgage refinancing, CTP policy, travel health insurance, and opening a current business account.

To get a cash loan, money to buy a new apartment or buy a used car, you will need to provide a bank statement of income and have a good credit history. Contact any office in Moscow, St. Petersburg or apply online to get approval for co-financing.

Tinkoff - credit and debit cards, loans for businesses and individuals

If you are a modern person who plans to open a bank account on favorable terms, then you should think about Tinkoff Bank. This is an online bank that offers good refinancing rates and additional bonuses to all customers. There are related services: mortgage, insurance, loans for opening a small business (IP, LLC) and accounting.

Tinkoff offers not just a debit card (Visa, MasterCard) with a maximum interest rate on a savings account, but an interest-free cash withdrawal, free annual service, overdraft and business credit. A personal manager will answer all questions via chat or by phone, help you collect the necessary documents and connect new financial services.

Tinkoff is in the TOP-10 best banks in Russia in terms of reliability and gives up to 6% per year on the balance, cards with bonuses for traveling by plane, car enthusiasts, shopaholics and gamers. To avoid paying for the basic tariff in Tinkoff, you must keep at least 30,000 rubles in your ruble account. every month.

Alfa-Bank - credit and debit cards, cash loans, car loans, mortgages and other banking services for individuals and legal entities

If you need a good bank for a legal entity, then Alfa-Bank is the best option for a small business owner. Alpha has branches throughout the country, offers a free opening of a profitable savings account for new customers. In addition, they have one of the best online banking systems and fast mobile banking.

Alfa-Bank offers free online accounting, credit cards for individual entrepreneurs and 1% acquiring for accepting card payments. If you have checking and savings accounts in one place, it’s easier to manage everything with a single online banking account on the site. To open, it is not necessary to visit the branch, it is enough to submit all the necessary documents online.

Thus, Alfa-Bank is ranked fourth in the TOP-10 in terms of reliability, because it offers everything your business may need and gives you many options to avoid monthly service fees. Individuals and large legal entities with many employees can easily find the necessary consumer lending offers.

User Choice

ROSBANK - banking services for individuals and businesses

Rosbank will help its customers make the desired purchase, save and increase capital or buy an apartment. Mortgage rates start at 7.5% and online approval takes 10 minutes. The bank’s website has a bot that will help you fill out a form and send a loan application. Get 6.7% per annum even from a small amount by opening the “150 Years of Reliability” deposit.

In a reliable bank in Russia, you can choose any type of card to receive (debit, credit, payroll), and a detailed description will help you decide on the most suitable one for your purposes. Visa card “Everything is possible” is beneficial for purchases and savings – 10% cashback for 2 categories, accrual of travel bonuses (miles) and 10% accrual rate on the account balance.

It is possible to properly dispose of savings using the “Investing” tool – you will receive 12.5% ​​of the annual expected income. Protect yourself and loved ones from unforeseen circumstances by issuing an insurance policy at Rosbank. The Health Control policy with round-the-clock support from a general practitioner will cost 55 rubles per day. Rosbank is included in the rating of the best Russian banks in terms of reliability in 2022.

Raiffeisenbank is a bank for life and business.  Mortgages, loans, bank cards and other services

Raiffeisenbank is consistently one of the best banks when it comes to interest rates for savings, withdrawal fees and opening a checking account for LLCs and sole proprietors. They offer flexible options for getting a low interest credit card. You can take cash before payday at any branch of Raiffeisen Bank throughout Russia.

The bank took second place in 2022 in the national reliability rating and is one of the best according to experts today. Customers note good customer service in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk. At the bank, you can issue a card with a cashback of up to 5% or take a loan up to 9% per annum.

Raiffeisen is a financial institution that allows you to do all banking transactions in a free mobile bank. The downside is high fees and low interest on savings accounts. If the cardholder complies with the conditions of a reliable bank, he saves on fees. Additionally, take advantage of mortgage, insurance and online banking.