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TOP 10 best credit cards with a grace period of 100 days – Rating 2022

Before applying for any credit card, we always recommend that you study and compare the options that are presented in popular banks in Russia. Below is a ranking of the best credit cards with a grace period for 2022. It did not include such giants as Sberbank, Post Bank, Gazprombank and UniCredit.

The easiest to get are low limit credit cards. They can be obtained on a passport without income certificates, with a bad credit history and without guarantors. The average person has about 3 credit cards, but you must be able to manage them wisely. Monthly income should cover the debt and interest on the loan.

The best way to compare credit cards is to look at the advantages, disadvantages, and cost of each. With some you get a reward in the form of cashback, others give income from interest on the balance. It is important to note that a card should only be opened if the benefits and potential opportunities really justify it.

10. Sovcombank – Conscience

Conscience - installment card in Moscow

The Conscience card is an excellent choice for any purchases, it is especially beneficial to use installment plans in stores, restaurants and partner websites. To withdraw cash from a bank credit card, you have a grace period equal to 3 months from the date of receipt of the card. In addition, you will enjoy a 0% rate on all purchases up to the first 12 months.

Thus, you get the best credit card Visa “Conscience” with free service, SMS notification, fast internet banking, grace period and a convenient way to top up. In addition to the installment limit of 300,000 rubles for all purchases, you will spend only 10% for using the loan per year.

The number of stores that accept a credit card with a grace period of up to 1 year is more than 50,000 (Karusel, Metro, Perekrestok, KFC and M.Video). For example, the Eldorado chain of stores gives a 2-month installment plan for the purchase of electronics and household appliances using the Conscience card. This is the second place in the ranking of the best cash withdrawal credit cards in 2022.

Raiffeisen Bank - credit card without interest, apply for a credit card online with a grace period of 110 days without interest

The Raiffeisen bank credit card is one of the best with a grace period of 110 days without interest for online purchases of goods. If you often book hotels or buy flights, you will like the 110 days card. Free annual service for card transactions over 8,000 rubles. per month.

If you need to withdraw cash, this can be done at any ATM throughout Russia for the lowest commission among other rating participants. You will not experience any problems when making purchases from sellers abroad. In a convenient online bank, you can pay utility bills, mobile communications, make quick transfers and monitor financial transactions.

Raiffeisen allows you to deposit funds to your credit card account in cash at the nearest ATM or bank branch. In case of loss of a bank card, it can be blocked remotely through the application on a smartphone. Strictly observe the conditions specified in the contract so as not to overpay extra interest.

VTB Multicard - debit card for individuals

A multicard from VTB is the best choice for users who want to not only spend, but also increase their money. This is because the credit card offers up to 6% on account balances and refunds on purchases up to 10% (Cashback). You go to restaurants, fill up gasoline at gas stations, travel and buy household appliances, and Multicard returns the money.

While other banks give high interest rates on loans, VTB has reduced them to 16 percent. The VTB Bank card has two main advantages: it does not charge a fee during the grace period of 101 days and a service fee (for purchases from 5000 rubles / month). Pay in stores with contactless payment using Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay on your watch or smartphone.

During the first 7 days from the moment you receive a credit card, you can withdraw up to 100 thousand rubles in cash for free (no commission). The special option “Borrower” allows you to save even more on interest on the loan. If these arguments are still not enough to order a Multicard, then check out the other participants in the rating.

Rosbank - Visa debit card

The MozhnoVse credit card from Rosbank is one of the best premium cards on the market thanks to a grace period of 60 days, cashback and Travel bonuses. Cardholders earn 5 bonuses for 100 rubles spent in supermarkets, restaurants and on flights. For one of the selected product categories, CanAll returns a cashback of up to 10%.

Pay attention to categories with increased Cashback: gas stations, pharmacies, cafes, beauty salons and taxis. In addition to an excellent reward system, Rosbank offers the first year of card service for free, preferential cash withdrawals and a limit of up to 100,000 rubles. only on the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation. When you wisely use the possibilities of the credit card “MozhnoVse”, this is one of the best cards for consumers.

All the necessary information about accounts, loans, cards and deposits can be viewed in the Rosbank online application. To conveniently pay for purchases without interest, you need to link a bank card to your iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad. To apply on the site, you just need to leave your mobile phone number.

Home Credit Bank - online application for an installment card, apply at the bank

The Svoboda credit card from Home Credit Bank is the best solution for those who want to buy in installments up to 12 months in 60,000 stores throughout Russia or a 50-day grace period outside the partner network. The interest rate upon fulfilling the conditions on the card will be 0% per annum. Popular categories among Svoboda credit card users: sports goods, jewelry, furniture, clothing, travel and electronics.

If you apply for a Visa card on the Home Credit bank website, you can pay for purchases using Samsung Pay, Google Pay and Apple Pay services, and the courier will deliver it to your home for free on the same day. For example, you bought a smartphone for 30,000 rubles in installments for six months. You need to pay only 5000 per month. No hidden payments to the bank or online store.

Home Credit allows you to deposit funds to your account in cash through ATMs or in Home Credit Internet Banking. If you do not have time to pay off the debt on time, you can connect the Freedom + program, which allows you to extend the installment period by 10 months. Svoboda credit card is the best offer on the banking market if you shop at Yandex.Food, Lamoda, Leroy Merlin, Citylink and Letual in 2022.

Ural Bank - credit card 60/120/240 days without interest issue in Moscow

The card of the Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development is one of the best options for those who want to pay off their loan debt at another bank. This is due to the fact that the card gives a 120-day grace period when it is not tedious to pay a commission for the transfer. After signing the contract, you can use up to 300,000 rubles. for purchases or 100 thousand only with a passport.

The bank returns 1% cashback for any purchases, although some give more, but their grace period is much shorter than 120 days. The minimum monthly payment is at least 3% of the debt. The big advantage of a credit card is the payment of goods via the Internet without commission and only 5% when withdrawing cash.

The card is delivered by courier the next day to any major city in Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Krasnodar and Novosibirsk). If you use borrowed money on a credit card wisely, then most people will appreciate the savings in interest and fees.

Vostochny Bank - installment card, fill out an online application for a card at the bank

With an Eastern Bank credit card, holders receive up to 300,000 rubles with a grace period of 90 days (3 months) for all purchases. If you additionally want to receive a cashback, then you should issue a Delight card and receive a refund of up to 40%. This is one of the few cards that charges for issuance, but the annual service is free.

If you are a client of the Eastern Bank, you can additionally issue cards for the whole family with payment systems: Visa, MIR and UnionPay. To obtain a card, persons over 26 years of age need only present a passport. Cashback for nuclear power plants, taxis, food delivery, movies and books reaches 10%. You will receive 5% on the bill for car washes, cafes, bars, housing and communal services and restaurants.

Vostochny Bank allows you to deposit funds without commission to your account in cash through an ATM or through partners (Qiwi, Zolotaya Korona, Rapida). The Installment for Everything credit card takes 28% of all transactions, which is one of the highest fees in 2022, so it only made it to 7th place in the TOP 10 ranking.

Sovcombank - Halva installment card

The Halva credit card offers cardholders up to 6% cashback when paying for purchases at the checkout using Google, Apple or Samsung Pay. The rest of the owners of cards with a grace period will be able to return 1% of the money spent on the amount spent. Even the best credit cards cannot afford to reward users with such bonuses.

Things to watch out for: You don’t pay for issuing a card, maintaining it, or reissuing it. To get a Sovcombank card, you need a passport of a Russian citizen, age over 18, official employment and a mobile phone. Before applying, make sure that yours are able to cover the debt to the bank on time.

If you keep your finances on the Halva installment card and make at least 5 purchases per month, you can get up to 7.5% on the balance. The maximum grace period is up to 18 months and it can be increased according to the tariff plan. These features will help you save money if you use your credit card properly.

Tinkoff is the best credit card in Russia

The Tinkoff Platinum credit card is one of the best available with a grace period of 55 days or 120 days to repay a loan in another bank in Russia. The card offers to earn up to 30% with points that can be exchanged for money. Upon receipt of a card with a maximum limit of 300,000 rubles. the loan rate starts from 12%.

In your personal account or through a mobile bank, you can make purchases on credit and later replenish your credit card in cash or transfers without commission. Submit an application on the Tinkoff website and instantly receive a decision without any inquiries, guarantors or refusal. Free delivery of the card to your home or office will take from 1 to 7 days.

If you pay your bills monthly with a credit card, you will receive even more pleasant bonuses from Tinkoff Bank. The cost of servicing the card per year is 590 rubles. The commission for cash withdrawal is 2.9% of the withdrawal amount. Choose this card if you want to borrow money and not overpay huge interest.

User Choice

Alfa Bank - apply for a credit card with a grace period of 100 days online

There are many advantages to a credit card with a grace period from Alfa-Bank, in addition, the “100 days without interest” card has one of the lowest interest rates (11.99%). To get a credit card with a limit of up to 50,000 rubles, only a passport is enough; to get up to 1 million, you also need to provide a certificate of income, 2-NDFL and SNILS or a driver’s license.

With a credit card with home delivery, you can shop online. If you repay the debt on time without commission, then you will not pay interest to the bank during the grace period of up to 100 days (depending on the card). Pay in the store with contactless payment using Apple Pay and Google Pay services from your smartphone.

The cost of annual maintenance is 1,190 rubles, and you can withdraw cash without interest up to 50,000 rubles. per month. All account transactions, purchase information, utility payments, traffic police fines and online chat with bank employees are performed in the convenient Alfa-Mobile mobile application or Alfa-Click Internet bank.