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TOP 8 best jobs with no experience with a good salary – Rating of vacancies in 2022

If you are a student with no experience who just graduated from university or want to get a new job with a good salary, then check out the 2022 job rankings. Since many employers are slow to train new hires, this can be a problem for recruitment. However, there are some professions that pay well even if you don’t have many years of work experience and additional education.

The entry-level selection of jobs may list minimum qualifications, such as a high school diploma, college degree, or certificate, which can improve your chances of getting a good job. Depending on the employer, higher education can increase the starting salary.

Working in Moscow without experience often provides an opportunity for career growth and a transition to a more profitable position. Check out the list of high-paying jobs for additional income that do not require experience and allow you to work remotely from home.

Pyaterochka - work without experience with a good salary

A large grocery retail chain is hiring cashiers in Moscow and other regions of Russia. If you have a high school diploma, a pleasant demeanor, attentiveness and responsibility, then you should have no problems getting a position in the sales department.

The duties of the cashier seller include customer service at the checkout, checking the expiration dates of goods, price tags and putting products on the shelves of the Pyaterochka store. In addition to a stable official salary, an employee without experience is waiting for an employment contract, the possibility of a side job, discounts in stores, sick leave and vacation pay.

To apply for a job as a cashier in Pyaterochka, you do not need to make a complex resume, just fill out an application form on the website. An employee of the company will contact you by phone and explain all the nuances of the internship and training. The vacancy of the seller closes the list of TOP-8 professions without work experience.

Smarter - work without experience with a good salary

Even with the steady automation of routine processes, the role of the call center operator remains relevant in 2022. The situation is likely to change in the next decade, but this does not mean that employers will stop hiring employees. In addition to the traditional office worker role, full-time remote work is emerging for the motivated and flexible.

Smarter call center operator can perform many functions from the comfort of home and serve customers across the country. A good remote call center employee is able to digest information in batches better than any automated program. Call clients using a ready-made contact database to receive up to 80,000 rubles.

The salary consists of a salary and a bonus, which depends on the performance of the work. Residents of Veliky Novgorod, Kirov, Penza, Pskov and Kuznetsk can work without a certificate at the Smarter office. Build a successful career from telephone operator to mentor or team leader.

Kitchen in the area - work without experience with a good salary

Service The kitchen in the area takes the delivery of ready-made food of its own production. You can work as a courier (rider) in the kitchen in your area and deliver orders within a radius of three kilometers. There is no need to stand on the street or in a restaurant waiting for a cook, there are special places for the deliverymen to relax.

Employees without experience in the Kitchen in the District company receive a salary of up to 80 thousand rubles, three meals a day, a bicycle for moving around the city and a branded uniform. You just need to bring the order, say hello and give the bags of food. The courier job offers a flexible schedule for additional earnings or a full-time job.

To apply for a job, it is enough to indicate your name and phone number for communication. A member of the Human Resources Department will contact you and explain the next steps. Every resident of Moscow over the age of 18 can earn a good income if he actively works in the field of food delivery.

PIK - work without experience with a good salary

The PIK company offers vacancies for a painter, gypsum plasterer, tiler, plumber, plasterer and laminator. Regardless of your choice, these professions pay well with little or no work experience. Finishing builders usually receive on-the-job training under the guidance of an experienced foreman or team leader.

Experienced craftsmen can earn up to 250,000 rubles a month in Moscow with weekly payments to the card. To start working in the PIK construction company, you need to go through a telephone briefing, apply for self-employment, connect the application to your phone, and you can go to any of the facilities under construction.

All necessary tools and materials are already on site. Choose a convenient schedule and start work that does not require much experience. Every day, orders will be sent to your phone, which will be paid after verification.

Scooter - work without experience with a good salary

Do you want to enjoy walking around the city to the sounds of your favorite music, when a fresh breeze blows in your face? Then work as a delivery man (courier) of food from local restaurants may be your calling. Help customers quickly receive orders in Moscow and start earning up to 3,500 rubles a day without education.

Scooter couriers can independently set up a flexible schedule and receive a guaranteed income of up to 73,000 even if there are no orders. Use a bike or scooter to get around the city quickly and increase your profits. Employees of the company do not pay fines and can get a promotion for good performance.

Fill out a short form on the site to become a courier and start earning your own money after school or while studying at university. Food delivery Scooter works for residents of Moscow and the Moscow region and takes a well-deserved place in the ranking of the best professions with a good salary.

Tinkoff - work without experience with a good salary

The Tinkoff bank operator can work from home without experience on a convenient schedule. All you need to get started is a computer, internet and a quiet environment. Students can combine remote call center work with their studies and take on extra work hours on weekends. Fill out an application on the bank’s website to get access to the introductory course.

After a conversation with a mentor and a series of practical exercises, you can start working with decent pay. No need to get up early and go to the office. Tinkoff call center operators work from home in any city in Russia (Moscow, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Kazan). The salary depends on the results, the quality of the work performed and is paid to the bank card once a month.

The position of the operator implies career growth to the head of the department or mentor of newcomers. If you do not want to sit in one place, you can deliver cards to bank customers and draw up contracts on the road. An additional commission is paid for the sale of company products. In the ranking of the best jobs without investments on the Internet, the home call center operator takes third place.

Citymobil - work without experience with a good salary

Drivers of the Citymobil service are engaged in the transportation of passengers in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Samara. For work that does not require any skills or experience, except for the ability to drive a car, the employee receives good money – up to 5,000 rubles a day. The recent explosive growth in the number of taxi orders in Russia means that making a living as a driver is more than realistic.

Working in a taxi is one of the most popular part-time jobs with a high salary and tips. Fill out an application on the Citymobil website and download a free smartphone app for iOS or Android. Within a few hours you will receive your first order and daily payment for trips.

The owner of the car has several reasons to start working as a Citymobil driver: free schedule, minimum downtime, starting bonus of 1500 rubles, low order commission and high-rated customers. This is a great way to find a part-time or full-time job when the demand for taxi drivers is skyrocketing.

User Choice

Yandex.Food - work without experience with a good salary

Courier delivery of food from restaurants and cafes is the most demanded profession among young people without work experience in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Each newcomer can receive up to 5000 rubles if he completes 200 orders in 1 month. Delivery within the city can be done on foot, by bicycle, scooter or private car.

You independently form a flexible work schedule, and with a small number of orders you receive a guaranteed income of 230 rubles. at one o’clock. The Yandex.Food courier receives big discounts of up to 70% on food and groceries from partner restaurants. To get a job as a courier, you need to leave an application on the website of the online delivery service.

Watch a short training video and take a simple test before entering into a contract with a courier service. After the first day of work, you will receive payment to your bank card. Working as a Yandex Food courier is a good opportunity for students and teenagers to earn their first capital and get an idea of ​​how to earn money.