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Which bank is better to refinance a loan – Rating of banks for refinancing in 2022

Some people who have taken a loan from a bank and want to reduce the interest on payments may apply to another bank for debt refinancing for individuals. Consumer cash loans, mortgages to buy a new home, car or travel debt can be refinanced at a low interest rate in arrears.

If you can’t afford to overpay for a credit card, then pay off your current loan up to 5 million rubles with the help of another financial institution in 2022. Refinancing debt without references is a good chance to save the family budget. Leave an online application on the site, the manager will quickly approve it and contact you by phone.

Calculate monthly payments in advance on an online calculator in order to take a new feasible loan. If you intend to draw up a refinancing agreement, then study the rating of Russian banks with favorable conditions, without guarantors, without refusal and low interest rates.

MTS Bank - refinancing loans from other banks, online application for on-lending at a low interest rate of 9.9%

Thanks to the refinancing program from MTS Bank, you can reduce the interest rate and reduce the credit burden. The organization works with loans on credit cards, auto loans, cash debt. The maximum amount reaches 5 million rubles, and the rate is 8.4% per annum. When drawing up a new contract, you can reduce the overpayment, choose the loan repayment date, change the loan term and combine all debts.

To participate in the program, you must fill out an application on the website or provide data to the call center operator. Within a couple of minutes, the bank makes a decision and notifies the individual in an SMS message. You can get money to repay a loan from a financial institution in an online bank, when visiting a branch or in an MTS communication salon in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk and Nizhny Novgorod.

In addition to the amount for debt repayment (refinancing), the client can receive additional funds to improve well-being. For partial or full repayment, no additional applications are needed, it is enough to transfer money to a credit account and MTS Bank will automatically write off the funds to pay off the debt.

Home Credit Bank - refinancing of consumer loans, arrange on-lending on special conditions

New and regular customers can apply for loan refinancing without a certificate of income at Home Credit Bank. Cash up to 1 million rubles will help close debts in other banks and receive additional finance for consumer needs. The online calculator will calculate the feasible monthly payment based on the loan amount and the regulation of the total loan term.

Thanks to the program of insurance against unforeseen situations, the bank reduces the rate to 9.9% per annum. During the repayment of the loan, the client can postpone the date of the monthly payment several times, this is convenient when changing jobs and changing the salary schedule. Internet banking allows you to control finances, set repayment parameters and pay for services without commission.

At the bank, you can refinance several loans for individuals at once without guarantors and form a common account for repayment. Customers praise Home Credit Bank for the high professionalism of its employees, flexible lending conditions and the possibility of loan restructuring. The company is in the TOP-10 best places for obtaining on-lending at low interest rates in 2022.

Tinkoff - refinancing loans in other banks

Tinkoff Bank refinances loans and microloans from any organization at a rate of 9.9% per annum without collateral and guarantors. To apply, a wide list of documents is not required, a passport and personal data are enough for communication. The loan amount can reach 2 million rubles for a period of 3 years, the monthly payment depends on the total loan and loan parameters.

To participate in the program, it is enough to fill out an application and wait for a call from the manager. Bank employees independently draw up documents and bring them to your home at a convenient time for signing. Along with the documents, a card is issued, on the balance of which, immediately after signing, the amount for repaying a third-party loan is activated.

For the convenience of managing a loan and scheduling payments, it is worth downloading a mobile application. Notifications about the monthly installment will help to avoid delays, and visual analytics will show the loan balance. In Tinkoff, you can refinance all active loans for individuals within the approved amount and repay debt free of charge through an ATM, a network of partners or a transfer to a card.

Uralsib — low refinancing rate

Refinancing a loan at Uralsib Bank is a profitable offer with a reduction in the total loan amount due to a decrease in the interest rate. Participation in the program is realized through filling out an application on the website and remote approval by the bank. To calculate the monthly payment, you can use the online calculator, which, based on the current parameters, will calculate the total amount and the monthly payment of the new loan.

In addition to funds to cover a loan in a third-party bank, Uralsib issues an additional up to 1 million rubles for consumer needs. Life insurance allows you to get a minimum loan rate of 7.9% per annum. The credit institution is engaged in the refinancing of auto loans, mortgage loans, credit cards and secured loans.

Making monthly payments without commission is possible through an ATM, mobile application, operator in the branch. Early repayment does not include penalties and additional payments for people with bad credit history. Uralsib is considered one of the best banks for loan refinancing and takes 6th place in the rating according to visitor reviews.

Opening - a cash loan for any purpose: take a loan on an online application

For those who want to lower the current loan rate and pay less interest, Otkritie offers a refinancing program. When approving the application, the bank takes into account all the client’s income, it can be an unofficial salary or additional income. In the first year, the bank provides a minimum rate of 6.9% per annum, which will help reduce the loan burden by minimizing monthly payments.

The loan amount can reach 5 million rubles with a maximum term of 5 years. If at the moment there are 400 thousand rubles left to pay with a monthly payment of 15,000 rubles, Otkritie Bank will halve the payment by reducing interest and changing the loan term. Several types of debts can be added to one account for refinancing: a military mortgage, a car loan, a consumer loan on a card.

In addition to the specified amount for early repayment of the loan, upon request, it provides additional money within the framework of one contract. Money is allowed to be spent on personal needs. The Otkritie refinancing program is considered one of the most profitable and takes 5th place in the list according to customer reviews.

UBRD - refinancing loans to good borrowers

Reliable bank UBRD offers refinancing of consumer and car loans at a rate of 6.5% per annum. To apply, you do not need to visit the office and a large list of documents, just fill out the form on the website and wait for approval. Refinancing your loan will help reduce your monthly payment and total debt due to a lower interest rate.

In the online calculator, you can adjust the loan parameters and choose a loan term from 3 to 10 years. After completing the documents, the organization transfers the necessary amount for repayment to the specified accounts. The client independently deposits money to a third-party bank to close the loan. In addition to the principal amount, the bank will provide additional cash to cover small household expenses and purchases in online stores.

To reduce the overpayment on the loan, you can use the service of partial repayment. To do this, the client makes a payment and the bank automatically recalculates the interest on the debt. All changes in the payment schedule are available in the online bank. UBRD employees are always ready to answer questions in the online chat on the website, by mail and on social networks.

VTB - an application for refinancing a VTB loan, apply for a loan refinancing online via the Internet

The VTB loan rate for those who decide to refinance a loan from another bank is considered one of the lowest and amounts to 7.5%. The bank provides credit holidays for 90 days, which allow you to skip the first 3 payments and improve your financial well-being. The size of a new loan can vary from 50,000 to 5 million rubles, and the maximum term is 7 years.

Salary clients are provided with preferential conditions and the possibility of obtaining a new loan without additional documents and certificates. Upon approval of the application, the bank independently repays the debt from a third-party organization, and the remaining funds are issued in cash or transferred to the card. The money can be used for non-earmarked expenses and does not require reporting.

Refinancing a car loan or mortgage will allow you to remove collateral from the car; when reissuing documents, the loan qualifies as a regular consumer loan. Customers praise the bank for the absence of commissions for transfers and early repayment, loyal attitude and favorable credit conditions. If you want to profitably refinance a loan, you should contact VTB.

Alfa-Bank - an application for a cash loan or refinancing

The terms of refinancing at Alfa-Bank are simple and transparent for all individuals. In the online calculator on the site, you can calculate the monthly payment, the loan rate and identify savings when switching from a third-party bank. To calculate the conditions, you need to add the parameters of the current agreement and select the loan term. After a preliminary calculation, you can apply for approval of a new loan.

The company independently closes the debt in a third-party organization and gives credit holidays 45 days before the first payment. The bank does not require confirmation of income and additional information, and also excludes the accrual of hidden interest and commission. A rate of 9.9% is guaranteed to all program participants who are ready to reduce financial risks and insure life.

Many clients choose the organization due to the developed network of branches throughout Russia, convenient loan repayment conditions and a useful online bank with the ability to pay for services without a commission. Alfa-Bank is one of the ten most important credit institutions and ranks among the best refinancing programs.

Raiffeisen Bank - leave an application for refinancing at the bank

If you are looking for where to refinance a loan without a certificate of income, contact Raiffeisen Bank. Here you can refinance a loan up to 600 thousand without guarantors and forms 2-NDFL (only by passport) in a few minutes. Before you make an online application, you can use the calculator to calculate fees. Enter the loan amount up to 3 million rubles and any term up to 5 years.

Filling out the questionnaire on the bank’s website will not take more than 5 minutes, and a decision on the application will be received within 1 minute. For payroll clients, only a Russian passport is required. In your personal account, you can provide access to authorized persons and allow family members to repay the loan from their cards. Among the repayment methods are Raiffeisenbank ATMs, branches, transfers by phone number and non-cash transfers.

Install the bank’s mobile application to track the movement of funds in the account. If the borrower has problems with payments due to job loss, coronavirus, illness or other unforeseen expenses, write an application to Raiffeisen, they will help with restructuring and give credit holidays.

User Choice

ROSBANK - we will refinance your loans, reduce the interest rate and the amount of the monthly payment

The convenience of refinancing a loan at Rosbank consists in combining several loans into one and the possibility of independently choosing a loan term of up to 84 months. The tariff line includes several programs with a rate of 6.9 to 12.9% per annum and a maximum amount of 3 million rubles. Life insurance reduces financial risks and makes it possible to refinance at a preferential annual rate.

Clients with a loan in rubles for the purchase of a car, real estate and consumer needs are allowed to participate in the program. By refinancing the debt of third-party banks, you can reduce the amount of the monthly payment and change the term of the loan agreement.

For mortgage loans there is a special offer with a reduced rate of 6.19% per annum. When re-issuing the contract, program participants can provide a certificate for maternity capital as part of the mortgage payment. Rosbank has implemented high-quality remote customer support and remote loan management through an online bank that can be connected on the website or in a mobile application.