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Which bank is better to take a cash loan – Rating of consumer loans 2022

More and more people are turning to banks for personal loans to deal with emergencies, pay for medical emergencies, or cover credit card debt (refinancing). Getting a cash loan at a low interest rate is a significant financial step, so it’s best to do it wisely.

If you can afford a down payment on a mortgage, then you can borrow money from the bank for several years to purchase an apartment in 2022. A significant part of people take out a consumer loan to buy a car. This can be a good solution compared to a car loan. Leave an online application on the site, the manager will approve it in a couple of minutes.

Calculate your budget ahead of time to break down your expenses into fewer monthly payments and save money. If you finally decide to take a loan for individuals on a passport, then we have prepared a rating of Russian banks with flexible conditions, without certificates, without refusal and low interest rates.

East Bank - online application for a cash loan

Eastern Bank offers personal loans that can be used for almost everything from buying a car to paying medical bills. The interest rate on the loan varies around 9% per annum depending on the amount and duration. The borrower must have a minimum package of documents, and approval comes online in a few minutes.

Vostochny Bank loans can be used for debt consolidation, home improvements, cars, weddings, and more. Leave a request on the site for a loan secured by a car or other security. This option gives a lower interest rate for the entire term until the end of payments.

The bank does not take a commission for prepayment, which means that if you decide to repay the loan ahead of schedule, you will not be charged. After approval, you can receive money at the nearest branch within three days. The company got to the last place in the TOP-10, but it has good reviews from regular customers.

Sovcombank - we cancel interest on a cash loan

Sovcombank offers fast financing for personal purposes. If you encounter unexpected expenses, such as a broken car or surgery for a loved one, apply, wait for approval and a cash loan. Sovcombank can receive up to 30 million on the day of application.

A consumer loan has unique advantages: for payroll account holders, the rate is 5% lower, the bank guarantees better conditions compared to similar credit companies. Halva cardholders receive a monthly refund of interest paid. If approved, you can receive money at the checkout for up to 120 months.

In a difficult financial situation, a Russian bank makes it possible to get a loan secured by a car and real estate. The borrower must have a passport and a minimum income, but without a mandatory certificate of employment. This is the 9th place in the list of good banks for making cash for a car, buying an apartment in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan and Krasnoyarsk.

UBRD - a loan with a low rate of up to a million rubles

In UBRD Bank, you can take a cash loan on the day of application only with a passport. Fill out an online application for receiving money without references with an annual rate of 16.9% and wait for confirmation. The site has a monthly payment calculator, calculate the feasible amount for the monthly budget, decide on the deadline and send an application for receipt.

If it is inconvenient to go to the bank or you want to save time, order cash delivery by courier. UBRD provides a loan for any purpose up to 5 million rubles. in 2022. If the client enters into a life insurance contract, the credit rate will be 7.9% per annum. A loan at this rate can be repaid ahead of schedule, the bank will not impose a commission on this.

On the company’s website it is convenient to find out the decision on the loan. In order to find out the status of the application, just enter the phone number. In your UBRD personal account, you can make a monthly payment in one click or set up automatic repayment. Download the mobile app for iOS and Android to keep track of deductions and credit balances for individuals.

ROSBANK - cash loan for any purpose

In order to take a cash loan from Rosbank, it is not necessary to take certificates from work or ask friends to vouch for you. The bank is ready to give a loan for any purpose up to 3 million rubles on an online application with passport details. The procedure for receiving money is simple: submitting an application on the site, filling out questionnaires and waiting for approval within one business day. To receive money, a bank employee will invite you to a meeting at one of the branches.

The bank offers two tariffs for obtaining a loan: standard and salary. If you receive a salary on a Rosbank bank card, the loan rate will be 8.99% per annum. Under this program, you can receive 3 million rubles for up to 84 months. For more information or to discuss the conditions for obtaining a loan, you should contact the online chat or call the contact center.

Register in your Rosbank Online personal account to receive information on the loan, arrange an automatic monthly payment or pay off the debt ahead of schedule. You can deposit funds to repay the loan at a Rosbank ATM, by transfer from a card, by payment by mobile phone number.

Lokobank - cash loan from 9.4% to 5,000,000 rubles

You can take out a loan to buy a new smartphone, repair or vacation (travel) at Lokobank. The online calculator on the site will help you calculate the affordable amount for monthly payments. If you need 350 thousand for 5 years, then the monthly fee will be 10,900 rubles. Loan approval takes place in a short time. From filling out an application to paying out the amount, it usually takes from several hours to 1 business day.

Lokobank offers special lending conditions for new settlers. Submit documents confirming the purchase of housing or apartments to the bank, and the company will offer a consumer cash loan at a rate of 8.4% per annum. In this case, early repayment without commission is possible.

For conscientious payers, the company accrues cashback on a part of the interest paid. In order to return the 3% overpayment, you need to regularly repay the debt, avoiding delay, as well as insure the life and health of the payer. Quick loan approval and low rates allowed Lokobank to take 6th place in the TOP 10 best banks.

Opening - a cash loan for any purpose: take a loan on an online application

Otkritie Bank makes a decision on a cash loan application within three minutes after submitting an online application. Get up to 5 million rubles to buy a TV, kitchen set, laptop at an annual rate of 8.5%. The amount of the monthly payment can be calculated on the site, mark the required amount and the planned repayment period, and the service will show the estimated fee.

The bank takes into account not only wages, but also other sources of income, such as pension payments (for pensioners). In order for the bank to accept this condition, a certificate and a pension certificate must be attached to the application. Getting a cash loan is simple – you need to fill out an application and wait for an SMS message about the decision of the bank.

For repayment, free methods are provided: through the Internet bank, ATM, by bank transfer from the card. When applying for a cash loan, Otkritie Bank provides a debit card with cashback for free. In your personal account, you can set up an SMS notification about the payment, as well as extend the repayment date.

Alfa-Bank - an application for a loan or refinancing

Alfa-Bank offers cash loans at low interest rates for refinancing or buying an apartment. Take for any purpose from 50,000 to 5 million rubles at 8% per annum. It takes 45 days from the moment the money is received to the first payment. During this time, you can solve organizational issues and prepare for paying the loan. It is convenient to make monthly payments in Alfa-Bank. You can repay a loan for free through a mobile application, a personal cabin on the site, an ATM or a bank branch.

If you have a loan from another bank, Alfa-Bank offers to combine them and repay them at the lowest interest rate. No need to keep track of several payments on different dates and overpay interest to another bank. You can repay the loan ahead of schedule, the company does not charge a commission.

You can receive money within a couple of hours, fill out an application on the website, wait for approval and come to the branch of the Bank of Russia for a card with the required amount on your balance. It can be used as a regular card, make purchases in stores and pay for services. Clients who took a loan from Alfa-Bank spoke positively about the low interest rate and the convenience of payments.

Tinkoff - cash loan

Take a loan for a celebration, treatment, training or help for loved ones in Tinkoff online bank. Here you can take money without certificates and guarantors in the amount of 2 million rubles. The initial rate is 12%, but if you are a reliable client and repay the loan without delay, the bank is ready to recalculate the interest to a lower one and return the difference.

Employees do not ask for documents on the use of money, you can spend it for any purpose. The online calculator on the site will help you calculate the amount of the monthly payment, depending on the size of the loan. Indicate the period for which you plan to pay off the debt and decide on a feasible amount for the family budget.

After the loan is approved, the courier will bring documents and a card with money to the place specified by the client. You can withdraw cash from any ATM. The bank will not take a commission if you withdraw 3,000 rubles or more. For the duration of the loan repayment, the debit card can be used free of charge. When you pay for purchases, 1% of the money spent is returned in the form of cashback. You will no longer have a question: which bank is better to take a consumer cash loan in 2022?

User Choice

Home Credit - consumer loans: get a profitable loan, low rates

When a few thousand are missing for a purchase, Home Credit Bank will come to the rescue. No need to ask for a loan from friends or take a large amount. Unlike other banks, here you can take a cash loan from 10,000 rubles. To apply for a loan, fill out an application on the website and wait for approval. Usually, it does not take more than one minute to make a decision on the application.

Now you don’t have to save money from your salary or borrow money in order to make a payment on a certain day. Home Credit allows you to choose a repayment date from the second month of the loan. In order to receive money, it is not necessary to get a new card. The bank can transfer the required amount to any bank card.

Install the bank’s mobile application to track the balance, pay the monthly installment, set up auto payment, control the receipt of funds. These features are available in your account on the Home Credit website. If you have any questions, you can contact the online chat or visit the section with frequently asked questions. Thanks to the loyalty and customer focus of Home Credit, the bank’s products are included in the rating of consumer loans.

Raiffeisen Bank - leave a loan application

If you are looking for where to get a cash loan with a reduced rate, contact Raiffeisen Bank. Here you can get a loan without collateral and guarantors in a couple of minutes. Before you make an application, you should use the service to calculate the monthly payment. Enter the required amount, and then decide how long it will be comfortable to repay the loan.

Filling out the questionnaire on the company’s website will not take more than five minutes. To obtain a loan of up to 1 million rubles, only a passport is required. If you wish, you can include additional income in the questionnaire for consideration (part-time income, renting an apartment, pension). It is convenient to make monthly payments in Raiffeisen Bank. Among the free methods are repayment through an ATM, transfer from a card of a third-party bank or at a branch of the company.

The loan refinancing service is very popular in the bank. Combine up to five loans into one with a fixed rate of 8.99% per annum: mortgage, consumer or car loan. It is issued for up to 5 years with the possibility of receiving additional money and early repayment without commission.