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Which bank is better to take a mortgage – Rating of the most profitable mortgages in 2022

Before buying an apartment or house in a mortgage, you should find the best bank that provides the most favorable loan conditions. Compare interest rates and other lending terms: fees, early repayments, availability of online services and debt tracking, as well as customer service offers.

The larger the down payment and the shorter the loan term for finished housing, the lower the mortgage interest will be in 2022. Obtaining money from the bank to purchase real estate is a serious step, so it is better to approach the matter wisely. Leave an online application on the website of a financial institution, the manager will approve the issue in a few minutes.

Make sure that monthly payments do not become a big burden on the family budget, and that all debts are repaid on time. If necessary, you can use debt refinancing. We have compiled a rating of the best Russian banks with convenient conditions for secondary housing using maternity capital, for Russian Railways employees and military personnel.

Absolut Bank - get a mortgage without a down payment in Moscow

Absolut Bank offers lending services for the purchase of an apartment in a new building, finished housing and refinancing loans from other banks. The mortgage amount can be calculated based on the value of the property, the amount of the down payment or the term of the loan. Real estate on the secondary market can be purchased in a mortgage with an interest rate of 8.99 per annum with a down payment of a fifth of the value of the object.

Many clients apply to the bank for mortgage refinancing. Its advantages lie in changing the composition of borrowers, reducing monthly payments, and lowering the interest rate. To participate in the program, a certificate of income (account statement) and a completed application form in the form of a bank are sufficient. Cardholders, payroll project participants and Russian Railways employees are provided with good discounts on credit products.

To find good housing from a reliable developer, Absolut Bank offers its own service. Here are bona fide construction companies and attractive real estate. Absolut Bank is considered attractive due to flexible programs, the presence of a personal manager and a high reliability rating.

Ak Bars - get a profitable mortgage in a bank

Mortgage programs of Ak Bars Bank are flexible and have a large list of benefits for lending. One of the popular offers is a mortgage for the purchase of a land plot, a residential building, a townhouse secured by a property. The program provides for an interest rate of 8.5 percent and the use of maternity capital for full or partial payment of the down payment.

To complete a mortgage transaction without a queue, it is worth filling out a questionnaire and waiting for the preliminary approval of the amount. After that, a bank employee will send an invitation to the office to sign documents and issue funds. A credit institution allows you to repay a mortgage at any time without restrictions on the amount and interest.

On the company’s website, you can study in detail the conditions for obtaining a mortgage, familiarize yourself with the package of documents and download the necessary forms to fill out. You can make payments without a commission in the Internet bank, mobile application, ATM, through the teller in the branch. Clients praise Ak Bars Bank for a wide range of programs and loyalty to borrowers.

Raiffeisen Bank - take a mortgage: a mortgage loan with a low interest rate, mortgage lending conditions

The advantage of obtaining a mortgage in Raiffeisen Bank is the purchase of real estate without a down payment, the availability of special government programs with a minimum percentage and favorable conditions for young families. If you decide to buy an apartment in a new building, you should calculate the amount of the loan and overpayment in an online calculator and apply for funds.

There are more than 1,000 developers on the list of organizations accredited by the bank, however, if the apartment belongs to an unverified organization, employees will check it before making a deal. Raiffeisen Bank offers programs for any type of real estate: apartments, cottages, townhouses, apartments. Maternity capital can be used as a down payment.

To manage mortgage payments and pay without commission, you can install the bank application. It will help you plan your home budget, transfer money between accounts, and pay off your mortgage early. Raiffeisen Bank is included in the list of the most reliable banks in Russia and is considered one of the best for obtaining a mortgage according to user reviews.

Sberbank - mortgage lending, mortgage from Sberbank of Russia

If you want to get a mortgage loan with a favorable percentage, you should contact Sberbank. The organization offers many programs, including the acquisition of housing under construction, preferential loans with state support, mortgages for individual construction of a residential building, mortgage refinancing from other credit organizations.

Bank customers note the quick execution of the transaction without unnecessary documents and delays. To obtain a loan for an apartment, you need to calculate the loan on a calculator, send an application for consideration, select a suitable property and sign documents at a bank branch. In Sberbank, you can get a mortgage in the amount of up to 30 million rubles, in order to increase the chances of approving a large amount, it is allowed to attract up to 6 co-borrowers.

Military personnel can receive preferential mortgage rates with the Military Mortgage Program. In this case, the interest rate will be 8.4% per year, and the amount of the initial payment will be 15%. Sberbank’s DomClick service provides a list of accredited developers, a search for housing in a new building and on the secondary market, and a calculation of the market value of real estate.

VTB - mortgage: conditions and rates in 2022 of a mortgage loan

In VTB Bank, you can apply for a mortgage for the purchase of housing in a new building or on the secondary market for up to 30 years. The Bank approves loans for the purchase of houses, apartments, townhouses in the amount of up to 30 million rubles without proof of income. To apply for funds, it is enough to log in to your personal account and fill in the fields of the questionnaire in accordance with the passport.

The bank does not raise rates depending on the type of housing, the loan interest is the same for new and secondary real estate. Mortgages can be calculated using the online calculator on the site, for this you need to specify the type of housing, market value, the amount of the down payment and monthly income. Preferential conditions will help reduce the interest rate: the birth of a second child, work in the public sector, participation in the VTB salary project.

On the page “Accredited new buildings” there is a list of construction organizations that have passed the bank’s check. When choosing a developer from this list, you do not need to prepare an additional package of documents and waste time reviewing the application. Mortgage from VTB is considered one of the most profitable, so the bank takes 6th place in the list of 2022.

Transcapitalbank — mortgage, real estate mortgage lending

A mortgage from Transcapitalbank will help improve living conditions with a feasible monthly deposit. Under the bank’s program, you can purchase secondary housing, an apartment in a new building, a room, a summer house, a country house, a townhouse. The organization accepts applications from common-law spouses, in this case, the total income is taken into account and shared ownership of the purchased housing is issued.

The company is loyal to customers and issues funds for the purchase of real estate to specialists with seasonal income, individual entrepreneurs, shareholders, and persons with little work experience. Housing certificates, including maternity or family capital, can be used as a down payment.

Mortgage registration in Transcapitalbank is possible from 7.79% per annum, while the repayment period varies from 1 to 25 years. Judging by the reviews, the bank’s customers like the professional service and the flexibility of lending conditions. If necessary, representatives of the organization go to the place for consultation and paperwork. Transcapitalbank is one of the best options for taking out a mortgage.

Sovcombank - take a mortgage to buy an apartment, buy an apartment in a mortgage

When there is not enough finance to buy an apartment in Moscow, Kazan, Rostov, St. Petersburg or Samara, Sovcombank comes to the rescue. You do not need to save money for a down payment for a long time, the bank issues mortgages for new buildings, secondary housing, for residents of the Far East and families with state support on weekends. Apply online and get a decision within minutes.

To get a mortgage to purchase real estate or build a house, you need a minimum work experience of 1 year. A citizen of the Russian Federation from 20 years old, as well as individual entrepreneurs (IP) and business owners can become a borrower. The bank does not impose restrictions on early repayment of the loan.

Sovcombank allows borrowers to reduce housing loan rates by 0.75%. You need to deposit an amount of money equal to a certain percentage of the loan. For holders of the Halva installment card, there is an additional bonus program. Thanks to an honest approach to work and good feedback from consumers, Sovcombank was included in the rating of the best mortgage products.

Opening - take a mortgage: calculate a mortgage loan using a calculator, apply online

If you are looking for where to get a mortgage on the most favorable terms with a low interest rate, contact Otkritie Bank. On the website, you can take out a mortgage loan for the purchase of secondary housing and an apartment in a new building. Before filling out the application, you can use the online calculator and get a discount of -0.5%. Indicate the value of the property and the term of the mortgage to get the best offer.

Use the best refinancing service from Otkritie Bank to save money on mortgage repayments in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Voronezh and Krasnodar. The bank has attractive conditions and mortgage programs: a preferential state program, a family mortgage for families with children, a military mortgage for military personnel and maternity capital for new housing.

The loan term varies from 3 to 30 years with an initial payment of 20%. You can use the services of a trusted insurance company to avoid financial problems. Otkritie Bank issues up to 30 million rubles with the possibility of early repayment without commission.

User Choice

RosBank - the best mortgage from the bank

In RosBank, you can take out a mortgage to buy real estate on attractive terms. To get approval, you do not need to go to the office, just fill out an online application form on the website in accordance with your passport. In the personal account of the bank, you can log in through the State Services portal or register in a couple of clicks. The program “Preferential new building” involves obtaining a loan at a rate of 4.35% for the purchase of housing in a new house.

The most favorable tariff in the bank is “Family Mortgage” with a lending rate of 3.2%. The program is aimed at families with two or more children living in Russia. The initial payment is from 20%, and in the absence of funds, the bank provides an additional loan. The maximum mortgage term is 25 years.

Specialists consider a loan application within 10 minutes. When approving a loan, the income of the co-borrower may be taken into account, even if he is not a relative. RosBank issues a mortgage for the purchase of any type of real estate: an apartment, a country house, a garage, a parking space. Most clients highly appreciate the work of bank employees and recommend applying for a mortgage at RosBank.

Alfa-Bank - mortgage for a new building, arrange a mortgage for an apartment under construction

Alfa-Bank has a low interest rate on a mortgage loan and favorable conditions for registration. The bank issues funds for housing under construction at 5.99% per annum with support from the state. To determine the final amount and calculate the monthly payment, you should use the online calculator. To do this, you must specify the value of the property, the amount of the down payment and the term of the loan.

The transaction takes place without a long wait and queues at the branch. To do this, it is worth submitting documents for a preliminary conclusion and waiting for approval at home. It is convenient to manage a loan in the bank’s mobile application and personal account on the website. There, customers view the amount of the overpayment, activate auto payment and repay the loan ahead of schedule without commission.

To reduce the credit burden and reduce the amount of the monthly payment, you can use refinancing at Alfa-Bank. Due to the high reliability of the organization, the possibility of remote registration and the majority of positive reviews, the mortgage in the company is considered the most profitable in 2022.